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About: Blue Ridge Paranormal Society


We started paranormal inventions at first because of a strong interest in learning about the paranormal world.  Our investigative approach is to first rule out any possibility that a paranormal occurrence was caused by something easily replicated - to debunk first so to speak.  While we are fairly good at doing that, we have discovered over the course of our investigations that some things can't be explained.  It is our purpose to provide you with information about paranormal investigations we have conducted and to bring to you the evidence that we simply cannot find an explanation for.


You will see as you look throughout our site that we have numerous pieces of paranormal evidence that should serve to not only show that paranormal incidents do occur, but to also peak your interest in paranormal investigations.


We are available to conduct investigations for you - or if you would like - to join us on a case.


Please enjoy our site an come back often to view updates or to share your stories with us!



Kevin Bean and Jeff Waggoner, Cofounders.

All photos, audio, and video are the property of the Blue Ridge Paranormal Society.

Unless other wise noted.

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