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Battlefield Farmhouse




November 10. 2013



The Battlefield Farmhouse is located on Baltimore Pike, near Pikes Restaurant and Lounge (which is at 985 Baltimore Pike, Gettysburg, PA).



The Battlefield Farmhouse is located just South of downtown Gettysburg.  This home sits on part of the main battlefield area and acted as a field hospital.


Blue Ridge Paranormal Society (BRPS) team and S.M.A.R.T. Investigations organized a private investigation of the Battlefield Farmhouse with approval of Gettysburg Ghost Tours.



BRPS took many photographs and discovered mists and orbs.  It is also interesting to note that there are children spirits in the attic that like to play with visitors.  Kevin (BRPS) was touched by one of the children during an EVP session in the attic.  Jeff (BRPS) was also touched about the same time during the investigation in the dining room downstairs.  One EVP of note was a young voice saying the word "burn."  It was discovered after the investigation had concluded that the house had actually burned to the ground and children were killed in the fire.  


The first photo below shows a phantom mist (likely ectoplasm) was found at the exterior of the property. There was no fog forecasted for that evening and that is the only photo that showed mist.

TThe next four photos show orb activity.

The analysis of the audio is ongoing and results should be posted on this page soon.


Inconclusive.  Although the photos show orb activity and two BRPS members were touched further investigatioin is required.  Note that audio analysis is pending.

All photos, audio, and video are the property of the Blue Ridge Paranormal Society.

Unless other wise noted.

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