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The Farnsworth House Inn




January 19-20. 2014



The Farnsworth House Inn is located at 401 Baltimore Street, Gettysburg, PA 17325.   



The Farnsworth House Inn is named after Brigadier General Elon Farnsworth, who led a second charge after Pickett's Charge resulting into the death of many of his men.  The Inn was used to shelter Confederate sharpshooters during the Battle of Gettysburg and it is believed that one of them was responsible for the death of the only civilian during the battle - Jenny Wade.  The Wade home is within shooting distance from the attic of the Farnsworth House Inn.  The house has been considered one of the most haunted locations in Gettysburg.  The Blue Ridge Paranormal Society (BRPS) conducted a two night investigation of the Inn.   



As stated, BRPS conducted a two night investigation of the Inn.  MPI's results range from disembodied voices and footsteps to a little black mass which is believed to be the energy of a boy named Jeremy who was killed outside of the building by a horse and carriage.  


The first evening's investigation consisted of brief investigation at the Grove, which is behind the Gettysburg Middle School (approximately two blocks from the Farnsworth House Inn), followed by the main investigation at the Farnsworth house proper.

Once the main investigation began at the Farnsworth proper. Two photos showed orb activity in the basement early in the evening.  In addition, an orb was found in the room named The Jeremy Room.

The BPRS members had a unique experience in the McFarlane Room.  We held a K2 investigation to ask yes or no questions with any spirits were in the room with them.  It seemed to be active and was corresponding with a child spirt by the name Sissy, who died at the age of three and half years old.  Three photos showed a specific orb with a blue/purple hue and was vibrant.  The first photo (below, left) shows a vibrant purple light at the bottom left of the picture.  The second photo  (below, center) shows a large orb in the upper left of the picture.  The orb shows a central core as well as vibrant purple streak which appears to show motion.  The third photo (below, right) shows the orb is located on the pillow sham.  It still shows vibrant purple.  

The following video shows the K2 session with the possible child spirit Sissy in the McFarlane Room.  (Note that Blue Ridge Paranormal Society was once Mid-Atlantic Paranormal Investigations (MPI) which is still referenced in the video titles.)

The last photo taken from the first night of the Farnsworth House Inn, appears to have been taken in the Sara Black Room.  It appears to show a face in a mirror.

The majority of the activity occurred in the basement of the Farnsworth House Inn, where a flashlight (yes or no) correspondence with the spirit child named Jeremy occurred.  The following two photos showed orb activity during this session.

The following two video shows the flashlight session with the child spirit Jeremy in the basement of the inn.

A disembodied voice and sounds of banging foot steps outside the Sara Black Room were noted; however, they were not recorded.   The audio analysis is ongoing and will be posted on the page soon.



All photos, audio, and video are the property of the Blue Ridge Paranormal Society.

Unless other wise noted.

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